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Wheel Front Bontrager Kovee Elite 30 29D 110 Black
OLD (Front Hub)=110 mmSkewer Axle Diameter=15 mm Black
GTIN: 601479967773
MPN: 575274

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Wheel Rear Bontrager Kovee Elite 30 29D 148 Black
Skewer Axle Diameter=12 mmOLD (Rear Hub)=148 mm Black
GTIN: 601479967780
MPN: 575275

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Manufacturer’s Description

  • OCLV Pro Carbon offers an optimised blend of weight, strength and durability
  • Rapid Drive 54 hub instantly transfers effort into forward momentum
  • Tubeless-ready (TLR) rims allow for quick upgrades to tubeless
  • Ultra-durable OCLV Carbon rim with 29mm internal and 36mm external width
  • Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Program offers no-cost repair/replacement for the first two years of ownership
  • 28 front/rear 14G spokes with Alpina alloy locking nipples
  • 6 bolt disc, Shimano 10-/11-speed, SRAM XD driver available separately
  • Includes an installed TLR rim strip, TLR valve and valve core removal tool


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