Bring your bike straight in at any time for repair.

We'll always inspect your bike immediately for free and give you approximate quote for work and a due date. Leave the bike with us and we'll do a more detailed inspection. If there is any work necessary we didn't spot the first time, we'll always give you a call to discuss before proceeding.

Some repairs we can do immediately, some may take a couple of weeks, especially in the height of the summer. Look out for workshop special offers over winter when we're quieter. Email our workshop.

We've fixed more broken downhill bikes, cargo bikes and Lands End - John O'Groat-ers than you'd think possible.

Passing through and need an emergency repair? We're happy to try and fix your bike right there and then, but we always have a backlog of repair work for loyal, local customers. In fixing your bike, we're putting you right to the head of the queue. Please bear that in mind if we suggest replacing a part rather than a more time-consuming option of repairing it.

Our mechanics are all level 2 and 3 Cytech-qualified and we are an authorised Shimano Service Centre, Hope Techshop and are Bosch e-bike certified. 

Suspension repair? We can service most forks or shocks in house or dispatch to the manufacturer.


Bronze Service - £40

  • Safety check
  • Bolt check
  • Brakes & gears aligned
  • Tyre condition & pressure check
  • Suspension pressure check

Silver Service - £60

  • Bronze service +
  • Drivetrain wear check
  • Drivetrain clean & lubricate
  • Hubs and headset bearings adjusted
  • Bottom bracket bearing adjust

Gold Service - £100

  • Silver service +
  • Hubs, headset and bottom bracket stripped, cleaned and re-greased or replaced
  • Brakes overhauled (hydraulic +£20 per brake)
  • All cables cleaned and lubricated or replaced
  • Internal cables cleaned, lubricated or replaced +£30

Li-ion Service - £140

  • Gold service +
  • Internal cables cleaned, lubricated or replaced +£30
  • Brakes overhauled (hydraulic +£20 per brake)
  • E-bike diagnostic check
  • E-bike terminals check and clean

Labour / hour


Brake bleed per brake


Strip and clean caliper, bleed brake


Fit new pads per brake


Brake / gear cable replaced


Gears adjusted


Chain replaced


Bottom bracket, chainset or cassette replaced


Hub service


Headset serviced or replaced


Tyre or tube fitting


Wheel trued / spoke replaced


Wheel build


Forks replaced


Fork or shock service

Call for quotation 

Rear suspension pivots replaced