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When searching for the best bike rental experience in Scotland, Nevis Cycles stands out as the premier choice. Nestled in the heart of the west coast, in Scotland’s Outdoor Capital, our renowned shop offers an extensive range of high-quality bicycles catering to all levels of riders, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. 

Our rental fleet includes the latest models which ensure a comfortable and reliable ride.  Whether you are exploring rugged mountain trails or cruising along scenic roads we will have the bike for you. 

Nevis Cycles is committed to customer service, guided by a team of passionate cycling experts who are ready to offer personalised advice and local insights. We ensure that each rider not only gets a bike that perfectly suits their needs but also enjoys a memorable and unique cycling experience in the stunning landscape of the Scottish Highlands.

Have confidence that all our bikes are serviced and checked to provide you with the best hire experience and the equipment you need to enjoy all the West Coast and Highlands have to offer. 

To book, simply complete our quick inquiry form below and we'll be right back in touch.

With free parking outside our shop in Inverlochy and at Torlundy you can enjoy days of hassle free cycling!

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The Trek Powerfly and Rail bikes are a highly capable electric mountain machines, pairing latest Bosch e-MTB system that assists up to 15 mph with durable mountain bike components built to stand up to the trail. They're versatile, capable and ready for adventure.

We're 100% renewable. Thanks to Octopus Energy all the power we use in our business is from wind, sun or water. That means the extra boost up the hills you're getting when you hire one of our electric bikes comes solely from a renewable source

Electric hardtail mountain bike 

1 day £75

2 days £140

3 days £200

4 days £250

5 days £290

6 days £325

7 days £350 

 Electric Full Sus

1 day £100

2 days £190

3 days £270

4 days £340

5 days £400

6 days £450

7 days £495

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The 2023 Trek Marlin 7 is our top choice for off-road adventures like the Great Glen Way, boasting a lightweight aluminium frame, robust hydraulic brakes, and a wide gear range. This combination ensures a smooth, adaptable ride on various terrains, from steep inclines to smoother trails. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned cyclists, it offers excellent manoeuvrability and control, making long-distance off-road journeys more enjoyable and less tiring.

1 day   £40

2 days £75

3 days £100

4 days £125

5 days £140

6 days £155

7 days £170

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Looking to tour the Western Isles or simply get around Fort William as comfortably and efficiently as possible?  Let us help you plan your options - we've toured most or all of the roads in the Highlands ourselves.

Trek Domane or Trek Checkpoint bikes are traditional drop handlebars road bikes but with the latest disc brakes and sturdy yet quick wheels. This bike is the ideal choice for fast touring on rough Highland roads or forest tracks where a mountain bike would be too slow. Also available fully equipped with a rear pannier rack, mudguards and pannier bags - or if you prefer, bikepacking bags from leading manufacturers.

1 day £40

2 days £75

3 days £100

4 days £125

5 days £140

6 days £155

7 days £170

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Our 2023 Trek Slash are the perfect machine for trails, for weekends in Torridon or Kinlochleven's enduro trails.

29' wheels, but all with aggressive geometry, and a wealth of technical features on bikes that score tens for capability. Want to push harder? Want more travel? Need a more capable build? Slash will take your full suspension riding to the next level!

  • Stout 160, 150mm and 130mm suspension travel frames optimized for technical trails
  • Boost148/110: stronger wheels, more tire clearance, shorter stays
  • Exclusive suspension tech with ABP.
  • Straight Shot frame stiffness, Knock Block frame defense
  • 1 x SRAM drivetrains and Dropline dropper posts.

Rental prices start at:

1 day £80

2 days £150

3 days £220

4 days £260

5 days £300

6 days £335

7 days £360

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The bike's design is specifically tailored for thrill-seekers and urban adventurers. Its robust frame and reinforced components are built to withstand the high-impact nature of jumps and tricks, ensuring durability and reliability in challenging environments. The agile geometry and responsive handling make it an excellent choice for navigating the tight turns and dynamic layouts of skateparks. Additionally, the bike's versatility shines in urban settings, where riders can confidently tackle street spots with precision and flair. With its combination of strength, agility, and adaptability, this bike is a top contender for anyone looking to push their limits in varied and demanding urban landscapes.

  • £25 for a weekend anytime Friday-Monday before closing 
  • £35 for a full week / 7 day hire 
  • £90 for a month

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If you haven't decided what you want to see and do yet we do have some suggestions……. 

Why not explore the Great Glen Way by bike with our inclusive one way service. Starting in Fort William and taking in the stunning landscapes of the caledonian canal and the mystery and majesty of Loch Ness and its famous but elusive monster!  Choose your own pace and explore over 2 to 7 days.

Try our drop bar gravel bikes for a longer adventure and explore the Western Isles, with unrivalled scenery and rare flora and fauna you can really escape to the wilds and explore the Hebridean way and beyond.

Alternatively for an adrenaline fuelled day of excitement why not hire one of our full suspension bikes from our hire location and tackle the natural trails of Torlundy or the uplift accessed trails of Nevis Range.  

And for a bit of a chill why not rent one of our Pump Track bikes and session the local track at Camaghael, Fort William PH33 7HD.