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Vittoria Va7R Shimano 11Spd. Freewheel Including Spacer And Bearings (Deamion Reaxcion):
GTIN: 8022530001410

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Vittoria Va7R Sram Xd Freewheel Including Spacer And Bearings (Deamion, Reaxcion):
GTIN: 8022530001427

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Manufacturer’s Description

Vittoria: Top choice for ambitious All Mountain and Enduro riders: Vittoria's asymmetric 28 mm WSR profile rim securely supports even the biggest tires; Vittoria AP hub has 28 butted, straightpull spokes, Centerlock disc mount (convertible to 6-bolt) and proven hub internals. Patented Speedlock rim-bed profile securely supports tubeless tires even at low pressure.