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Shimano Fc-4700 Tiagra Double Chainset 10-Speed, 50/34, Compact, 170 Mm
50 / 34 Teeth Silver
GTIN: 4524667925903
MPN: EFC4700CX04

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Taking many features from pro-level equipment, this 2-piece cap-free design Tiagra chainset offers unbeatable performance 2-piece cap-free design is quick and easy to install whilst being lighter and stiffer than a traditional crank/ bottom bracket assembly SG-X chainrings feature strategically placed chain pick-up pins and tooth profiles to ensure fast and positive shifting Designed to work with HollowTech II type bottom bracket cups Compatible with 10-speed HG-X chains Anodized aluminium crank arms Lightweight aluminium chainrings 4 arm, 110 mm bolt circle diameter