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Shimano Cs-Hg400 Alivio 9-Speed Cassette 11 - 28T
11 - 28 Teeth Silver
GTIN: 4524667579014
MPN: ICSHG4009128

Out of stock


Shimano Cs-Hg400 Alivio 9-Speed Cassette 11 - 34T
11 - 34 Teeth Silver
GTIN: 4524667578970
MPN: ICSHG4009134

Out of stock


Manufacturer’s Description

High quality 9-speed cassette Hyperglide sprockets have a computer designed tooth configuration with contoured shift gates, resulting in a crisp smooth shift even under load Close ratio gearing allows a more efficient use of energy through finer cadence control Gear ratios to suit all wheel sizes 26/27.5/29inch Sprockets are cut away and drilled to reduce weight without reducing rigidity Nickel-plated finish offers hard wearing resistance to corrosion Corrosion-resistant steel cassette lockring For Super Narrow 9-speed HG chains