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Shimano  Anti-Seize - 455 Gram Tub
455 g
GTIN: 8717009246996
MPN: WS8000420

Out of stock


Shimano  Anti-Seize - 50 Ml Cone End Tube
50 ml
GTIN: 8717009247030
MPN: WS8000424

Out of stock


Manufacturer’s Description

Shimano Anti-Seize assembly paste is just as important as grease and lube for keeping your bike running smoothly and maintenance free Anti-seize should be applied to bottom bracket threads, seatpins, bolts and nuts to prevent immovable and rusted joints Use on threads to help you assemble parts Formula will not affect metal or rubber parts Cone ended tube makes for more accurate application Carries on working effectively up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit An application of Shimano Anti-seize will help prevent destroying or distorting threads