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Rock Shox RL - Solo Air 140 26" Maxle15 Diffusion Black - Motion Control - Crown Adj Alum Str - Tapered - Di
GTIN: 710845727061
MPN: RS8641001

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Rock Shox: While there may not be any podiums out on the trail, there s no denying the ultra light weight, stiffness and damping technologies of our World Cup level forks will give you the competitive edge against the locals at your trail. But that edge comes at a premium price, which is why savvy trail riders run the Sektor. It rewards you with the same damper performance and chassis structure as our exotic race products, only without the exotic materials ‚ and price. So while you ll pay a slight weight penalty, you ll still be able to pay for a few pints after your ride. The RockShox Sektor is a perfect example of trickle down technology. Take the great performance and the chassis of the Revelation and tag it with a price you won't believe. And there is still Motion Control damping and the new Dual Position Coil in the Sektor to transform your downhill into smooth and your uphill into easy.