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Rock Shox - Paragon Rl - Solo Air 65 700C 9Qr Black Fast Black Turnkey Crown Adj Alum Str 1 1/8 - Disc Only A1 - My17: Black
GTIN: 710845785528

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Rock Shox: Around every corner is a new discovery. Every kilometer brings a sight. A smell. An unexpected emotion. A fleeting moment that enriches your spirit of adventure. When done right, trekking–specific suspension enables more of these moments, with technologies that make riders more efficient and comfortable for longer distances than ever before. The RockShox Paragon suspension fork combines the premium level of performance and features mountain bikers have come to expect from RockShox, now with a purpose-built 700c trekking design. The heart of the RockShox Paragon lies in its ability to take the edge off of both road and trail. Less vibration is transferred to the rider, increasing their comfortable trekking range. Our lightweight, infinitely tunable Solo Air™ spring and Motion Control™ damper allow the rider to fine tune the fork for those cherished stretches of either path or pavement - Paragon makes trekking both smart and simple. Paragon’s thoughtful design combines a unique light mount on the fork brace and fender and rim/disc specific mounts integrated into the fork legs. Even the dynamo wiring runs under a sleek integrated cover up the fork leg, keeping it safe and concealed. Paragon ushers in an improved era in trekking performance and efficiency - make the most out of every kilometer, no matter where the journey leads.