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Rock Shox - Boxxer 26 World Cup - Soloair 200 Maxle Dh - Black - Charger Dh Rc - Alum Str 1 1/8 - (Includes Tall And Short Cr
GTIN: 710845749957

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Rock Shox: For nearly two decades, BoXXer has been piloted to the top step of the podium at downhill World Cup races and freeride events more than any other fork. With such a legacy, it's no doubt the new BoXXer has already proven itself with Steve Smith's World Cup overall victory and Kyle Strait's Rampage win in 2013. The new BoXXer features the new Charger Damper, new air and coil spring systems, Rapid Recovery rebound, Fast Black stanchions and 27.5 ‚ ÂÂ￾ options. And guess what: the lightest production downhill fork on the market is getting a whole lot lighter.