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8oz Refill
GTIN: 748252869241



8oz w/injector
GTIN: 748252869340

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4oz w/injector
GTIN: 748252869449



4oz Refill
GTIN: 748252869548



16oz Refill
GTIN: 748252869647



32oz Workshop Bottle
GTIN: 748252869746



Manufacturer’s Description

Formulated to maximize longevity. Orange Seal Endurance lasts up to 120 days between top-ups and performs down to -23 degrees Celsius. Endurance sealant will instantly seal punctures up to 3mm and slices up to 12mm. Seals punctures upto 3mm Seals slices upto 12mm Seals tyres with porous sidewalls Works down to -23°c Last on average 60-120 days between top ups No corrosive formula Also great for inner tubes Available with applicator injector or as a refill bottle. How much sealant do you need? Road tyres: 1-2oz per tyre MTB 26": 3oz per tyre MTB 27.5": 3oz per tyre MTB 29": 4oz per tyre Fat Bike: 6-8oz per tyre