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Giro Chrono Pro Bib Shorts 2017: Black S
Giro Chrono Pro Bib Shorts 2017: Black S
GTIN: 768686690556

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Manufacturer’s Description

Giro: The Men’s Chrono Pro Bib is the result of over two years of exhaustive design, research and testing. We fit, rode, tweaked and obsessed until we created what we believe is the best bib short available. We paid attention to every detail. The straps are custom stretch that we developed because we couldn’t find anything that met our standards. They move effortlessly when you do, never fold or bunch, and lay flat against your shoulders and back. The leg bands are also custom designed to ensure the short stays comfortably in place. A knit lumbar support panel provides essential support to your lower back for relief on long rides, and a radio pocket gives you storage for valuables. Premium Italian lycra provides ample compression and durability, and the chamois is anatomically shaped with varied zones of foam density to keep you comfortable all day.