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Continental  Mountain King Mkii 26 X 2.2 Inch Black
26 x 2.2 inches; Black
GTIN: 4019238509236
MPN: 100399

Out of stock


ContinentalMountain King Ii 29 X 2.2" Black Tyre
29 x 2.2 inches Black Non Foldable
GTIN: 4019238744163
MPN: 150248

Out of stock


Manufacturer’s Description

Now firmly into the second period of its reign, the Mountain King II strengthens its rule over the all round trail bike market Featuring Pure Grip, a new compound developed for Continental performance products Pure Grip sits just behind BlackChili, providing great grip, high durability and mileage Superb braking traction and optimum cornering are guaranteed in all types of conditions The tread lug arrangement was developed in collaboration with professional mountain bikers, resulting in an exceptionally light yet positively tough trail tyre Trail riders, Cross Country racers, Alpine tourists and Marathon riders - this is a serious intermediate tyre option Folding tyre