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Thule  9104 Clipon 3-Bike Estate Rear Carrier
GTIN: 7313020023687
MPN: 910401/3

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Manufacturer’s Description

Easy to mount to the rear door with a unique snap-on system All parts in contact with the car and bikes are coated with rubber for extra protection Adjustable quick release straps hold the wheels securely in place Quickly folds up for ease of storage See the Thule Guide for car recommendation list Carries a maximum of 3 bikes Load capacity - 45 kg Weight - 7 kg Snap on mounting system Fits all frame dimension Fits all wheel dimensions Rubber coated frame holder Locks bike to carrier with accessory 538 Boot access with carrier and bike mounted Sturdy strap for fixation of bikes included All Thule products come with a 5 year warranty Select the 'Click for more information' symbol below the product image to download a line drawing for spare parts For the Madison spare part codes please add a THS to the front of the Thule part numbers in the line drawing