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Bontrager Tyre Xr3 29 X 2.20 Expert Tlr
29" x 2.2 Black
GTIN: 601479194971
MPN: 434484

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Bontrager Tyre Xr3 26 X 2.20 Expert Tlr
26" x 2.2 Black/Black
GTIN: 601479218776
MPN: 507258

Out of stock


Bontrager Tyre Xr3 27.5 X 2.20 Expert Tlr
27.5" x 2.2 Black
GTIN: 601479178438
MPN: 432443

Out of stock


Manufacturer’s Description

Versatile tread provides consistent traction and cornering. Excels in a wide variety of conditions. The Tubeless Ready (TLR) tyre is engineered for easy tubeless set up and puncture protection. Inner Strength sidewall protection is both supple and strong.