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OLD (Front Hub) 100 mmSkewer Axle OD 5 mmRim 700CSpoke Hole 24 Black/Black
GTIN: 601479079810
MPN: 415456

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Skewer Axle OD 10 mmOLD (Rear Hub) 135 mmRim 700CSpoke Hole 24 Black/Black
GTIN: 601479079858
MPN: 415458

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Variant Image
OLD (Rear Hub) 130 mmRim 700CSkewer Axle OD 10 mmSpoke Hole 24 Black/Black
GTIN: 601479079834
MPN: 415457

Out of stock


Manufacturer’s Description

Construction: 6061 alloy rim (19 mm outer, 14 mm inner width), 2-pawl drive system, 24 front/rear J bend 14g spokes with brass nipples. Compatibility: Shimano 10-speed, SRAM 10-speed. Includes: Bontrager internal cam quick release. No rider weight restrictions.