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Sock Bontrager Rxl 5" (13Cm) Cuff Medium(40-42) White
40-42 (Medium) White
GTIN: 768682264829
MPN: 430763

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Sock Bontrager Rxl 5" 46-48 X-Large White
46-48 (X-Large) White
GTIN: 601479172030
MPN: 431609

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Sock Bontrager Rxl 5" (13Cm) Cuff Small(37-39) White
36-39 (Small) White
GTIN: 768682264805
MPN: 430762

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Manufacturer’s Description

Profila Dry yarns with Olefin provide excellent stretch and moisture transfer;Arch compression for a stay-put fit;Strategically-placed cushioning at achilles and instep reduces pedaling pressure;Strategically-placed ventilation on top and bottom provides great breathability;Flat toe seam for toe box comfort;Knit-in size callouts for easy sorting after the wash;Taller 5" (13cm) cuff;