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Hb Bontrager Rl Vr Os Rd 42Cm Bk
Width=420mmDrop=140mmClamp=31.8mmReach=104mm Black
GTIN: 601479139170
MPN: 427217

Out of stock


Hb Bontrager Rl Vr Os Rd 44Cm Bk
440 mmDrop=140 mmReach=104 mmHandlebar Centre OD=31.8 mm Black
GTIN: 601479139194
MPN: 427218

Out of stock


Hb Bontrager Rl Vr Os Rd 40Cm Bk
Reach=104 mmHandlebar Centre OD=31.8 mm400 mmDrop=140 mm Black
GTIN: 601479139156
MPN: 427216

Out of stock


Manufacturer’s Description

Custom butted 7075-T6 alloy construction;Double cable groove for gear and brake cables;Compatible with Bontrager Aero Clip-On Handlebars;Laser-etched brake lever position lines for spot-on control setup;