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Short Bontrager Lithos Large Black
34 Black
GTIN: 601479523283
MPN: 539501

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Short Bontrager Lithos X-Small Black
28 Black
GTIN: 601479523252
MPN: 539498

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Short Bontrager Lithos X-Large Black
36 Black
GTIN: 601479523290
MPN: 539502

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Short Bontrager Lithos XX-Large Black
38 Black
GTIN: 601479523306
MPN: 539503

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Manufacturer’s Description

The stretch woven shell is lightweight and durable. Laser-cut venting in the shell for warm-weather comfort. An easy-adjust waist with an integrated belt and zipped, double-snap front, ensures a secure fit. Two zipped hand pockets and one zipped thigh pocket. A drop-in pocket keeps your phone secure and won't bounce around while riding. 38 cm (15") in-seam. The non-restrictive loose fit allows for freedom of movement and casual style.