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Clamp Diameter=Fits Most Handlebars

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Bontrager Light Ion 700 Rt
Clamp Diameter=Fits Most Handlebars Black
GTIN: 601479217274
MPN: 503062

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Transmitr ready for the simple brilliance of wireless control;ANT+ enabled for use with all Transmitr products;See with our focused optics and over 270 degrees of visibility;Brightness: 700 Lumens via high-power CREE LED;700LM-1.75hrs, 450LM-3hrs, 200LM-6.75hrs, 50LM+ Flash-22hrs,Irregular Strobe-40hrs;Fully charged in 5 hours through sealed Micro USB port;Includes 20 degree +/- adjustable Sync bracket that fits bars from 22.2-35.0mm;Blendr compatible;