Lazer Z1 KinetiCore Helmet Cosmic Medium

Lazer Z1 KinetiCore Helmet Cosmic Medium


Experience unrivalled performance and stand out from the crowd with the sleek Z1 KinetiCore Helmet by Lazer. It's not just a perfect blend of comfort and functionality but also focuses on safety and visibility, making it a remarkable choice for the dedicated cyclist.

Key Features:
  • Advanced Fit System: Utilises Lazer's upgraded RollSys mechanism, ensuring a perfect fit and optimised aerodynamics without compromising the wearer's comfort. It's even ponytail-friendly with a unique vertical adjustment feature.
  • Cooling Design: Integrated with a lightweight floating headband that ensures ventilation, delivering a cool and snug fit even during those heated rides.
  • Convenient Eyewear Integration: Designed with a shorter head basket that allows easy docking and secure fitting of eyewear.
  • Hygienic Straps: Features antibacterial and recycled stitched straps, enhanced with Polygiene Biostatic™ StayFresh™ technology for ultimate comfort and extended freshness.
  • Aeroshell Compatible: This helmet is compatible with Lazer Aeroshell, which enhances aerodynamics and provides protection against the elements. Aeroshell available in different sizes.
  • Airflow Padding: The inner padding, incorporated with Polygiene Biostatic™ StayFresh™ technology, provides continuous airflow, ensuring your comfort during long rides.
  • Enhanced Safety: Ensures additional safety and visibility with an option to attach a universal Lazer LED light at the rear.
  • Weight Reduction: The helmet is 15% lighter compared to its predecessor, the Lazer Z1 MIPS M CE. Less weight means greater comfort and mobility.
  • Sustainability: The helmet uses 40g less plastic than the Lazer Z1 MIPS M CE, making it not only an excellent option for cycling but also a green choice.

This safety gear has been awarded the Editor's Choice Award 2024 and is rated a solid 5/5 stars by Virginia Tech®. Virginia Tech has been providing independent and authentic helmet ratings since 2011, allowing consumers to make an informed decision. A helmet with more stars signifies a higher ability to reduce the risks of concussion arising from various potential impacts during a ride.

Colours Blue, Flash Orange, Light Grey, Matt Black, Metallic Red, Titanium, White
Brand Lazer
Model Year 2024
Barcodes 5400974026344, 5400974026351, 5400974026368, 5400974026436, 5400974026443, 5400974026450, 5400974026528, 5400974026535, 5400974026542, 5400974026610, 5400974026627, 5400974026634, 5400974026702, 5400974026719, 5400974026726, 5400974026795, 5400974026801, 5400974026818, 5400974026887, 5400974026894, 5400974026900
SKUs / Part Numbers CZ2590072, CZ2590073, CZ2590074, CZ2592012, CZ2592013, CZ2592014, CZ2592022, CZ2592023, CZ2592024, CZ2592032, CZ2592033, CZ2592034, CZ2592042, CZ2592043, CZ2592044, CZ2592052, CZ2592053, CZ2592054, CZ2592062, CZ2592063, CZ2592064

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