Shimano XC5 XC502 Shoes Size

Shimano XC5 XC502 Shoes Size


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Developed with the expertise of Shimano Clothing, these cross-country shoes, the XC5 XC502's, deliver lightweight, high-performance benefits alongside unparalleled power transfer. Featuring cutting-edge S-PHYRE trickle-down technology originally used in premium Shimano products, these shoes are built for cross-country cycling enthusiasts who desire maximum comfort without sacrificing efficiency.

  • The shoes have been engineered with an optimized upper pattern, providing superb foot support and enhanced ventilation. This ensures your feet stay cool and dry during those intensified rides.
  • A highlight feature is the Surround wrapping upper structure which reduces overlap. This design offers a snug, glove-like fit while eliminating potential hot spots, enhancing comfort during long-distance rides.
  • Performance is also heightened thanks to the low stack height midsole. Designed for stability, it aids in maximising power transfer and efficiency, perfect for competitive events or challenging terrains.
  • With the BOA® L6 skeleton dial, riders can quickly and precisely adjust the shoes to their preferred tightness, allowing prompt, on-the-go customisation.
  • The shoes also promise enhanced traction owing to their newly-constructed sole based on the S-PHYRE XC902 design. The Shimano ULTREAD™ compound is utilised for maximum grip and durability, making these shoes ideal for varying surface conditions.
  • Mud stack won't hinder your ride as the shoes are designed with an optimised stud pattern, allowing effortless clearing of mud.
  • A glass fibre reinforced midsole bolsters power transfer and provides structural strength, ensuring the shoes stand the test of time.
  • The shoes are compatible with Severe Condition Spikes (sold separately), enhancing shoe versatility across diverse terrains and conditions.

    Product Stats:

    Weight: 300g (base size, does not vary with shoe size)

    Stiffness rating: 6

    Watch the Shimano XC5 XC502 in action:

  • Colours Black, Green
    Sizes SIZE 38, SIZE 39, SIZE 40, SIZE 41, SIZE 42, SIZE 43, SIZE 44, SIZE 45, SIZE 46, SIZE 47, SIZE 48, SIZE 49, SIZE 50
    Brand Shimano
    Model Year 2024
    Barcodes 4550170915223, 4550170915247, 4550170915520, 4550170915834, 4550170915841, 4550170916237, 4550170916268, 4550170917210, 4550170917487, 4550170917876, 4550170919337, 4550170920289, 4550170922092, 4550170922153, 4550170922733, 4550170922832, 4550170923013, 4550170923051, 4550170923204, 4550170923211, 4550170923525, 4550170923891
    SKUs / Part Numbers BXC502E40, BXC502E41, BXC502E42, BXC502E43, BXC502E44, BXC502E45, BXC502E46, BXC502E47, BXC502E48, BXC502L38, BXC502L39, BXC502L40, BXC502L41, BXC502L42, BXC502L43, BXC502L44, BXC502L45, BXC502L46, BXC502L47, BXC502L48, BXC502L49, BXC502L50, VARBXC502

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