Shimano SPHYRE RC9 RC903 Shoes Size

Shimano SPHYRE RC9 RC903 Shoes Size


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Experience the pinnacle of cycling performance with the SPHYRE RC9 RC903 Shoes from Shimano Clothing. These shoes have been meticulously crafted for professionals and serious cycling enthusiasts looking for unrivalled comfort and peak efficiency.

  • Enjoy an improved fit and an even lighter shoe with the enhanced upper pattern and fabric. This upgrade helps in weight reduction making these shoes not only robust but also incredibly light.
  • The use of flexible microfibre synthetic leather aids in refining the fit. This increments comfort, reduces hotspots and ensures your feet remain snug and relaxed throughout your most challenging rides.
  • Micro-perforations throughout the shoe offer superior breathability, a vital aspect during rigorous, high-intensity riding sessions.
  • Dual BOA® Li2 dials facilitate aerodynamic adjustment, catering to your comfort while maintaining optimal performance.
  • The 360° Surround wrapping upper ensures a 'sock-like' fit, hugging your feet for greater comfort and control.
  • Experience improved power transfer with the seamless midsole that significantly reduces stack height by eliminating the lasting board.
  • The tried and tested full carbon outsole with anti-twist heel cup stabiliser, a feature taken from the popular RC902 model, promise steady control and enhanced power transmission.

The SPHYRE RC9 RC903 Shoes embody the quality and performance ethos of Shimano Clothing, making them a top pick for serious cyclists aiming to enhance their ride and break their personal bests. The shoes have an impressive stiffness rating of 12 and weigh just 225g (based on size 42), striking the perfect balance between weight and performance.

Continue to push the boundaries of your performance with Shimano Clothing's SPHYRE RC9 RC903 Shoes, the pinnacle of high-performance cycling footwear.

Colours Black, Blue, Red, White
Sizes SIZE 38, SIZE 39, SIZE 40, SIZE 40.5, SIZE 41, SIZE 41.5, SIZE 42, SIZE 42 WIDE, SIZE 42.5, SIZE 43, SIZE 43 WIDE, SIZE 43.5, SIZE 44, SIZE 44 WIDE, SIZE 44.5, SIZE 45, SIZE 45 WIDE, SIZE 45.5, SIZE 46, SIZE 46 WIDE, SIZE 47, SIZE 47 WIDE, SIZE 48, SIZE 48 WIDE
Brand Shimano
Model Year 2024
Barcodes 4550170371081, 4550170371852, 4550170374020, 4550170374761, 4550170374884, 4550170376109, 4550170378127, 4550170379995, 4550170399931, 4550170399993, 4550170403492, 4550170403645, 4550170442279, 4550170442422, 4550170446277, 4550170446338, 4550170446352, 4550170448387, 4550170448806, 4550170449308, 4550170450762, 4550170506773, 4550170508340, 4550170509101, 4550170509187, 4550170509293, 4550170509408, 4550170509729, 4550170510121, 4550170510374, 4550170510398, 4550170510442, 4550170511296, 4550170511531, 4550170515256, 4550170515287, 4550170516086, 4550170516222, 4550170516277, 4550170517267, 4550170517472, 4550170518271, 4550170518462, 4550170518509, 4550170518783, 4550170518868, 4550170518981, 4550170518998
SKUs / Part Numbers BRC903B40, BRC903B41, BRC903B42, BRC903B43, BRC903B44, BRC903B45, BRC903B46, BRC903B47, BRC903L40, BRC903L41, BRC903L42, BRC903L43, BRC903L44, BRC903L45, BRC903L46, BRC903L47, BRC903R40, BRC903R41, BRC903R42, BRC903R43, BRC903R44, BRC903R45, BRC903R46, BRC903R47, BRC903W38, BRC903W39, BRC903W40, BRC903W405, BRC903W41, BRC903W415, BRC903W42, BRC903W425, BRC903W42E, BRC903W43, BRC903W435, BRC903W43E, BRC903W44, BRC903W445, BRC903W44E, BRC903W45, BRC903W455, BRC903W45E, BRC903W46, BRC903W46E, BRC903W47, BRC903W47E, BRC903W48, BRC903W48E, VARBRC903

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