DMR - Bike - Sidekick Balance

DMR DMR - Bike - Sidekick Balance

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Our new DMR Sidekick Balance bike is designed to be as stable as possible making the process of learning to ride a bike as natural as learning to walk¦ Our exclusive design features mixed wheel sizes (also known as a mullet bike) with 12 rear x 14 front. This mullet design gives important benefits for the budding new rider “ your child will naturally make the transition from walking the bike to rolling gradually as they get to grips with balancing and steering.

Mullet wheelset creates easier rollover “ the larger front wheel rolls over bumps etc more easily “ less like to stall or upset the steering. The front fork / steering geometry can be made more stable [slower] helping control and aiding the learning process, building confidence.

The rider sits lower ˜in the bike with a lower centre of gravity aiding stability / balancing, the low foot platform is positioned out of the way of the scooting area providing a useful rest for when they get rolling.

Thats not all “ our Sidekick Balance bike also features proper MTB all-terrain tyres by Vee Rubber, smaller-diameter bars and grips for smaller hands, lightweight quality aluminium frame ready for any pump track, and more. This is a true DMR dirt bike and will give your young ripper the best start to bicycle riding anywhere they want to go.

Colours Red, White
Sizes 12, 16
Brand DMR
Model Year 2023
Barcodes 5055308130015, 5055308130022

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