Finish Line Halo Wax Wet Lubricant 4oz120ml Bottle Smart Luber Display

Finish Line Halo Wax Wet Lubricant 4oz120ml Bottle Smart Luber Display

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Since 1988, Finish Line® has dedicated itself to advancing the science of bicycle lubrication. Our HALO™ range represents our greatest achievement involving the tribology of reducing drivetrain friction and mechanical wear.3 years in the making, HALO™ WAX, HALO™ HOT WAX, and HALO™ WET lubricants utilize state-of-the-art chemistries to deliver unparalleled performance attributesEngineered for unparalleled drivetrain performance, durability, and water-resistance. HALO™ WAX is powered by three elite-grade ingredients: Highly-Refined Paraffin, Spherical Tungsten and Ceramic Particles.HIGHLY-REFINED PARAFFIN - creates a robust dry-to-the-touch coating that does not attract and absorb contaminants that would otherwise cause friction and wear.SPHERICAL TUNGSTEN - features a proprietary hollow core to reduce vibrational friction caused by high-torque pedaling. Spherical in shape, these micron-sized particles further reduce friction by creating a rolling effect on the surface of the chain.CERAMIC PARTICLES - micron-sized boron nitride platelets cover the chain to form a protective, non-stick coating. This coating substantially reduces wear and helps extend the life of expensive drivetrain components.HALO™ WAX and WET lubricants are available in a 10pc countertop display with either all HALO™ WAX, all HALO™ WET or a combination option.HALO™ chain lubricants are available in 4oz bottles and packaged in a premium box with a silver foil finish.HALO™ WAX and WET come complete with our proprietary Smart Luber™ which ensures maximum chain coverage and minimal wastage.Each box includes an insert booklet with Smart Luber™ instructions and a QR Code for additional technical information and performance statistics.


  • WAX lubricant for superior cleanliness
  • WET option for maximum durability and water-resistance
  • HOT WAX for the ultimate chain lubrication in all conditions

Colours Black
Sizes 4OZ
Brand Finish Line
Model Year 2024
Barcodes 36121973848
SKUs / Part Numbers QPFLHD2042101

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