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10Spd 175Mm 39-26T
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Truvativ XX Chainset BB30 175mm 39-26t Bearings NOT inc (Q-factor 156mm)
GTIN: 710845622588

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Truvativ: Coming in at 694g, the XX Crank delivers amazing performance and durability with no penalties in weight. The first MTB crank specifically designed for 2X10 uses some of the world s most advanced material science. The oversized chainrings are CNC machined from 6mm 7075 aluminum blanks‚ ÂÂ￾2mm thicker than the competition. Unparalleled stiffness is delivered by an increased Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) and a two-piece insert-molded carbon composite construction. The XX Crank geometry provides a narrow 156mm Q-factor, efficient chainline and beveled crank arms to maximize clearance. It s pure science in action.