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Truvativ  Seatpost Noir T40mm 0mm offset 400mm 31.6 Carbon
Truvativ Seatpost Noir T40mm 0mm offset 400mm 31.6 Carbon
GTIN: 710845665332

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Truvativ: Engineered to suit the demands of pro XC racers, the carbon Noir T40 Seatpost is a work of minimalist beauty. The Noir T40 Seatpost uses filament-wound tubes with a unidirectional carbon finish and all-new graphics. It’s light, it’s tough, and it can stand up to the abuses of XC racing without looking worse for wear. Featuring strategically positioned reinforcements that add strength and keep the weight in check—just 225g. The dual bolt head design is adjustable to either zero or 25mm offset, and Titanium hardware keeps everything secure.