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Viper Red

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50cm Viper Red
GTIN: 601479564255
MPN: 542354

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Variant Image
60cm Viper Red
GTIN: 601479564231
MPN: 542356

Stock due at suppliers on 01/12/2018


Variant Image
45cm Viper Red
GTIN: 601479564262
MPN: 542353

Stock due at suppliers on 01/12/2018


Variant Image
55cm Viper Red
GTIN: 601479564248
MPN: 542355

Stock due at suppliers on 01/12/2018


Manufacturer’s Description

No-sweat commutes mean you can show up looking refreshed, not looking like you've just come from the gym;Super Commuter+ is an attitude-adjustment machine that makes you rethink how to integrate cycling into your day-to-day;It really is ready to roll, with included accessories like mudguards, a number plate holder and lights that run off the battery;The battery is super-secure while riding but easy to remove, and can be charged at any household socket, on or off the bike;


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