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Topeak Uni Super Tourist Rack Non Disc
One Size;
GTIN: 883466011298

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Topeak Uni Super Tourist Rack Disc
One Size;
GTIN: 883466011281

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Manufacturer’s Description

Super strong one-size-fits-all aluminum tubular rear rack. Equipped with adjustable legs the perfect fit is easily achieved everytime. Fits most 24” to 29” wheel MTB and 700C touring bikes. Additional side bar lowers panniers, creating more storage space on top of rack. Compatible with 24” to 29” MTB and 700C touring bikes MTX QuickTrack™ compatible with all Topeak TrunkBags & MTX rear baskets 6061 T6 tubular aluminium construction and stainless steel fittings Extra side rail provides compatibility with most panniers Fully adjustable secure 4-point fixing Rear light plate Carry loads upto 55lbs 915g