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Topeak Basket Front W/Fixer 3
One Size;
GTIN: 768661113094

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Specially Designed For Racing In Adverse Conditions, The Beaver Features A Tread Design Ideal For Wet And Muddy Conditions. The Dual Compound Tread Utilises A Hard Base Layer To Reduce Rolling Resistance And Provide Knob Support, While The Siped, Softer Outer Layer Provides Unparalleled Grip On Wet Rocks And Roots. The Beaver Is One Aquatic-Friendly Animal Of A Tyre!Wet And Mud Conditionsspecificationconditions: Loose, Mud, Wetcornering Control: 1 2 3 4Rolling Efficiency: 1 2 3 4Tpi: 120Bead: Foldableply Construction: Singlecompound: Dualmax Psi: 65