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Stans Notubes Universal Valve Stem (Pair For Road) 44mm
GTIN: 183720000731
MPN: 850.NTVS02

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Manufacturer’s Description

Road 44mm to be used with 700c non-tubeless rims using the yellow tape, or on tubeless road wheels. Fits up to 8mm valve hole.Removable valve core makes adding sealant easy. Sold as a pair. Fits most tubeless rims such as: Stan's NOTUBES ZTR Rims & wheels Campagnolo 2-Way Fit wheels Corima Tubeless wheels DT Swiss Tricon Tubeless wheels Fulcrum 2-Way Fit wheels Shimano Tubeless wheels MTB 35mm valve stems with removable valve core for easier inflation Fits most tubeless rims such as: Stans NoTubes ZTR rims & wheels Sun-Ringle wheels featuring NoTubes BST Technology WTB TCS rims & wheels American Classic tubeless wheels UST wheels including Crank Brothers, Fulcrum, Mavic and Shimano Bontrager Tubeless Ready rims and wheels with Bontragers Tubeless ready rim strip Sold in pairs (2 in a pack) Installation Remove included valve cap and nut, insert valve through rim, thread nut on to valve and tighten by hand. For non-tubeless rims, please consult for the proper tubeless conversion kit.


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