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Sram Level Tlm - Rear 1800Mm Hose - Dark Grey (Tooled Light Monoblock) (Rotor/Bracket Sold Separately) A1: Dark Grey 1800Mm
GTIN: 710845783722

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Sram: It has a championship-winning pedigree, and is ready to take all of the punishment you want to give it. Level TLM puts proven SRAM braking performance and consistency at your fingertips, in a sleek, lightweight design optimized specifically for cross-country and light trail use. Power and modulation are delivered via the Level TLM’s alloy lever blade, DirectLink actuation, DOT 5.1 fluid and our new two-piston, monoblock caliper. The design provides superior heat management for consistent, fade-free performance all day long, and BLEEDING EDGE technology makes maintenance incredibly simple, so your brakes feel great all day — every day. • Same proven lever technologies as Guide—piston, seals, reservoir and bladder • Compact lever body with DirectLink • New detent design for reach adjust • New, 21-millimeter, 2-piston monoblock caliper for superior heat management, consistency, control and feel • Alloy lever blade • Lever pivot bushings • Stainless hardware • BLEEDING EDGE • MatchMaker X