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SRAM  Chainring Road 54t 5 Bolt 130mm BCD Alum Red TT (54-42) 4mm Black
SRAM Chainring Road 54t 5 Bolt 130mm BCD Alum Red TT (54-42) 4mm Black
GTIN: 710845665844

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Sram: SRAM 54T TT chainrings are stamped from 7075 aluminium for low weight and excellent strength. The teeth are ramped and pinned for precision shifting, too. 130 mm bolt circle diameter. TT: Time Trial rings with added reinforcement for strength and special graphics on the outer ring (Yaw: X-GlideR versions compatible with 2012+ New-Red, hidden-arm crank clocking/timing and New-Red front derailleur/shifter). 7075-T6 aluminium with black hard anodized finish (2012+ replaces TGA Tungsten grey) and timed ramps/pins for optimized shifting performance. 54t rings recommended as only compatible with 42t inner. Low weight and excellent strength Made of 7075-T6 aluminium Timed ramps/pins for optimized shifting performance Black hard anodized finish 130 mm Bolt circle diameter