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Sram Apex Trigger Shifter 11Sp Rear Black: Black 11 Speed
GTIN: 710845783173

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Sram: JUST RIDE SRAM Apex 1 lets you do just that. With a simpler, quieter and more secure drivetrain— featuring the all new Apex 1 flat bar shifters—a world of gear range with easy and precise selection is at your fingertips. THINGS TO REMEMBER • EXACTACTUATION technology for precise and dependable 11-speed performance. SPECIFICATIONS Speeds11 Compat - Derailleur/Hub (SL)RD:11s Cable pull ratioExact actuation Color (SL)Black Cable length (SL)2200mm Shifter type Trigger Matchmaker compatibleNo Clamp included?Yes Max upshifts5 Pull lever adjustNo Multi positionNo Gear indication No