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2012 Specialized Bg Contour Xct Grip Blk/Blk
Regular Black/Gold
GTIN: 719676061283
MPN: 2552-0100

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Manufacturer’s Description

These extremely comfortable, triple-density ergonomic grips are anatomically designed to help cyclists ride longer by reducing hand numbness and fatigue. Aggressive grip texture for better control and shorter, hollowed-out support flange for a better grip while descending.
  • Medically designed by ergonomic specialist Dr. Roger Minkow to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and cycling-related numbness/weakness of the hands, known as Cyclist's Palsy
  • Shorter ulnar nerve support flange plus rounder shaped for better all-around handlebar control in more aggressive riding style
  • Aggressive, deep texture for ultimate grip even in muddy conditions
  • Flexible, ergonomically-shaped platform absorbs shock and disperses pressure
  • Easily installed locking clamp with 3mm bolt head ensures secure attachment
  • Softer density in key contact area to cushion the ulnar nerve