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Right Hand
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Shimano  Sl-M670 Slx 10-Speed Rapidfire Pod, Right Hand
Right Hand Metallic Grey
GTIN: 4524667308416

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Tough, aggressive and light weight Dyna-Sys 10-speed SLX Rapidfire shift levers with Vivid indexing and 2-way release function Light to the touch but positive and crisp, Vivid indexing provides a constant amount of shift lever force across all 10 sprockets 2-way release allows shifting from various riding positions; the upper lever still performs the same shift function, but it can now swing in either direction allowing it to be released by the thumb or index finger For use with Dyna-Sys 10-speed only Pod design allows the use of these shifters with any brake lever Removable optical gear display with integrated cover allows the use of these shifters with any brake lever Barrel adjuster for fine gear tuning Complete with inner cables Multi-position adjustable handlebar clamp for custom lever positioning