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Shimano Br-M8000 Xt Bled I-Spec-Ii Compatible Brake Lever And Calliper, Rear Left
Rear Black
GTIN: 4524667635529

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Manufacturer’s Description

Powerful fully bled XT hydraulic Servo Wave disc brake Fully bled lever and calliper comes without adapters or rotors giving you the freedom to customise to suite your bike short stroke Servo-Wave mechanism for quick pad engagement and more power for aggressive riding Oversized 22mm twin phenolic pistons optimized for heat insulation, lightweight and stiffness Using Ice Tech alloy fin pads further improving heat radiation performance Recommended for use with Ice Tech rotors for optimum braking performance in a choice of 140, 160, 180 and 203 mm Lightweight forged calliper design that increases rigidity and reduces weight Forged alloy brake lever for optimum strength and reliability Mineral oil brake fluid is non-corrosive and less hazardous than conventional hydraulic brake fluid Shim-less mounting system allows for quick setting up brake lever featuring reach and free stroke adjustment Hinged clamp for quick installation I-spec-II compatible The kit also contains sintered pads, plus spare olives and insert should you wish to adjust the length of the cuttable hoses Hose length 1700 mm