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Shimano Am900 Spd Shoes, Black / Blue, Size 43
Size 43 Black / Blue
GTIN: 4524667547341

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Shimano Am900 Spd Shoes, Black / Blue, Size 44
Size 44 Black / Blue
GTIN: 4524667549666

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Shimano Am900 Spd Shoes, Black / Blue, Size 45
Size 45 Black / Blue
GTIN: 4524667553328

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Manufacturer’s Description

All mountain SPD shoes for aggressive downhill, Enduro and Trail riding New Pedal Channel design on the outsole provides more stable platform between shoe and pedal when not clipped in Traction tread on toe & heel enhances grip EVA Foam construction reduces shoe weight down to 744g in size 40 and absorbs less water than its predecessor Asymmetrically raised padded ankle collar and sidewall sole protect your foot Armored Lace shield provides an extra layer of protection from dirt and debris Standard lace up closure under the debris shield with an additional through-ring velcro strap provides a secure foot hold with even tension Weight: 744g (size 40)