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RR MECH SLX M675 Shad+10sp GS
Gs - Medium - Top Normal Grey
GTIN: 4524667299127

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Tough, aggressive and light weight Dyna-Sys 10-speed SLX rear derailleur using revolutionary features from XT and XTR at an affordable price point Shimano's new Direct Mount Rear Derailleur system gives more space around the rear frame dropout resulting in easier rear wheel removal but also allows frame designers to shorten chain stays, increase axel sizes and move suspension pivots Shadow Plus features a super low profile design that reduces the risk of damage from trail side hazards Single tension spring prevents contact with the chainstay resulting in a silent ride Shadow Plus uses a chain stabilising switch that when on will reduce chain bounce in rough terrain Direct cable routing prevents snagging from any trail side hazards Alloy and steel construction leads to lower weight Two fluorine-coated link pin bushings aid slick shifting High rigidity wide outer link braces the pulley body to increase pivot joint rigidity Strong return spring for a positive shifting feel Improved cable pull ratio provides a more accurate shift action Dyna-Sys 10-speed compatible only 35T capacity GS cage Top normal spring uses the spring to select higher gears