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Rock Shox - Yari Rc - 27.5 15X100 Solo Air 140Mm - Diffusion Black - Crown Adj Alum Str - Tapered - 42 Offset - Disc - My16:
GTIN: 710845775581

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Rock Shox: Yari brings Pike's and the new Lyrik's acclaimed look and proven features, such as the 35mm chassis, Fast Black upper tubes and Solo Air or Dual Position Air spring systems, to a wider audience. The new refined Motion Control IS damper features Rapid Recovery rebound and its high speed compression circuit is tuned to match the feeling of the Charger damper. 35mm chassis Solo Air™ and Dual Position Air™ Fast Black upper tubes Tapered legs Taller, stiffer brace Torque caps compatible (15x100 and 15x110) THINGS TO REMEMBER 29" BOOST 110 compatible model is also 27.5"+ compatible BOOST 110 for 29”/27.5”+ adds 95g over29” 15x100 configurations BOOST 110 for 27.5” adds 54g over 27.5” 15x100 configurations