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Rock Shox - Recon Silver Tk - Solo Air 100 26 9Qr - Black - Turnkey - Crown Adj - Alum Str - 1 1/8 - Rim/Disc - My16: Black 2
GTIN: 710845768279

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Rock Shox: Please note: this image depicts the Disc Only version – this fork has rim brake mounts. You’re a no-nonsense mountain biker. You push yourself hard and your equipment even harder. You want a lightweight fork you can count on to raise your game. You want a fork with the performance that’ll help you beat your riding buddies without beating up your checking account. With its sturdy 32-millimeter stanchions, stiff, forged aluminum crown and the traction-packed feel of its coil spring, our Recon Silver is just the fork you’ve been looking for.