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Rock Shox CSU DualAir 29" 80mm-120mm Reba 09-11 1 1/8" Black Crown
GTIN: 710845625336
MPN: R5432060

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Rock Shox: RockShox Reba heavy duty and durable steerer replacement CSU assembly. Made of high quality material. Spring type: DualAir. 1-1/8-inch Steerer diameter. 80 mm - 120 mm Travel. Wheel size: 29-inch. Comes with black crown. With independently adjustable positive and negative air spring chambers, DualAir is race or trail ready, highly tunable and one of the lightest air spring systems. Heavy duty and durable replacement CSU assembly Made of high quality material; spring type: DualAir 1-1/8-inch Steerer diameter; 80 mm - 120 mm Travel Wheel size: 29-inch Comes with black crown