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E-Bike Part RIDE+ 39 Cell Battery G1 320WH Silver
GTIN: 768682172186
MPN: W310175

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E-Bike Part RIDE+ 52 Cell G2 Battery Downtube C420
GTIN: 768682265826
MPN: W313141

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E-Bike Part RIDE+ 30 Cell Battery G1 244WH Silver
GTIN: 768682240823
MPN: W313140

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E-Bike Part RIDE+ 39 Cell G2 Battery R320 Dark Grey
GTIN: 768682665138
MPN: W323357

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Manufacturer’s Description

Power Supply W310176 charges New Battery Type. PN's: W313141, W316849, W312682, W310175, W313140. Charger 308746 charges Old Battery Type. PN's: 310173, 310174. Chargers and Power Supply do not have the cable lead included. G1 Type Batteries 310173,310174,W313140 and W310175 use dockings 304497, 301921 (both for 3x4 Motor), 294430 (Rear Motor), W315812 and W315813 (both for Front Motor). G2 Type Battery W312682 use rear dockings W312685 (Rear Motor), W315814 and W315815 (both for Front Motor). Downtube Batteries W316849 and W313141 both use downtube docking W316850. When ordering a DT battery, also order the brand transfer, PN 431533.