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Very high quality Big Mouth bottle made by Specialized with our lovely shop logo. With the Scottish Gaelic phrase: Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an tràigh e. (the value of the well is not known until it goes dry).

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Nevis Cycles Bigmouth Bottle
Nevis Cycles Bigmouth Bottle

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Nevis Cycles own bottle. As good as the fresh mountain water off Ben Nevis that they frequently contain!

Manufacturer’s Description

  • Tight-sealing Big Mouth screw top is wide enough for ice cubes and powder drink mix
  • Large, soft poppet top is easy to activate, delivers excellent flow, and seals tight
  • Easy to grab, flexible, and durable
  • BPA-free plastic made from 100% FDA food-grade materials and printed with non-solvent base (UV cured), CPSC-approved ink