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Muc-Off Athlete Performance - Amino Recovery Balm 150Ml: 150Ml
GTIN: 5037835337006

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Muc-Off: Fed up with feeling tired and achy after intense sport? Amino Recovery Balm revives, reconditions and freshens your body providing a gentle cooling sensation. Our unique formula will calm, relax and rejuvenate your body to help regeneration and boost energy levels using the amino acid Glutamine which is the most abundant amino acid in the muscle cells. During training and competition the supplies of intramuscular glutamine fall, the muscle cell volume declines and muscle degradation occurs. Glutamine increases glycogen storage and hydrates muscle cells. This increases protein synthesis and energy metabolism which in turn helps improve the body’s regeneration process. Glutamine supplementation plays an important role in supporting recovery, increasing muscle cell volume and preventing muscle degradation. Key Features The Amino Glutamine increases glycogen storage and hydrates muscle cells Featuring our ground breaking ‘Amino Patch Technology’ Increases protein synthesis and energy metabolism, which in turn, helps improve the body’s regeneration process A non-toxic, skin friendly, plant derived natural formula