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Muc-Off 5 Litre Cycle Cleaner 5 litre
5 litre
GTIN: 5037835907001

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Manufacturer’s Description

• All over Bike Cleaner which cuts through grime while protecting your bike;s finish • Will not harm seals or disc brake pads. Spray on wash off no sweat • Fully biodegradable • Alkaline based • Safe on carbon fibre paintwork anodising aluminium titanium rubber plastic seals and disc brake pads • Contains an amazing ;split-fibre; technology that increases surface area absorbency eliminates smears or blemishes • Dirt is disintegrated into miniscule particles that are kept within the fibres of the cloth • Leaves a perfectly clean surface with an in-depth shine that has to be seen to be believed Box Quantity Discount Available. Order 4+ and get a 5% discount.