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The Ardent Race Tyre From Maxxis Is Ideally Suited For Technical Xc Race Courses And Endurance-Length Events. With Its Medium-Height Tread, The Ardent Race Bridges The Gap Between The Xc-Oriented Ikon And The Trail-Oriented Ardent. The Center Knobs Are Ramped To Reduce Rolling Resistance, And The Side Knobs Are Angled And Stepped To Provide Great Biting Traction In Corners. Choose The Ardent Race For Your Next Demanding Xc Race Or Epic Trail Ride.High-Volumemedium Knob Heightideal For Technical Xc Race Coursesspecificationconditions: Hardpack, Loose Over Hard, Mediumcornering Control: 1 2 3 4Rolling Efficiency: 1 2 3 4Tpi: 120Bead: Foldableply Construction: Singlecompound: 3C Maxx Speedmax Psi: 60Tech: Tubeless Ready, Exotechnology3C Maxx Speed: Used Primarily In Cross Country And Enduro Tyres, The Two Compounds In The Outer Layer Are Specially Formulated To Reduce Rolling Resistance And Optimize Treadwear And Traction.Tubeless Ready: Tubeless Tyres Provide The Rider With Many Benefits: The Ability To Run Lower Air Pressures, Which Improves Traction; Lower Rolling Resistance When Compared To A Tube-Type Tyre; And Less Chance Of Flatting Since There Is No Tube. Maxxis Tubeless Ready (Tr) Tyres Provide The Benefits Of A Ust Tubeless Tyre Without The Weight Penalty. Our Tr Tyres Use A Standard Casing And Require The Use Of A Liquid Sealant In Order To Make Them Airtight.Exo: An Extremely Cut-Resistant And Abrasion-Resistant Material Added To The Sidewalls Of Select Mountain Tyres. This Densely Woven Fabric Is Also Lightweight And Highly Flexible, Ensuring That The Performance Of The Tyre Remains Unaffected. Choose Exo Protection For Exceptionally Rocky, Treacherous Trails Where The Chance Of Sidewall Cuts And Abrasions Is High.