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Bontrager Headwear Neck Gaitor One Size Black
One size Black
GTIN: 601479221363
MPN: 508627

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Headwear Bontrager Neck Gaiter One Size Black Heather
One size Black
GTIN: 601479840618
MPN: 563522

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Headwear Bontrager Neck Gaiter One Size Purple Lotus
One size Purple Lotus/Black
GTIN: 601479840625
MPN: 563523

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Headwear Bontrager Neck Gaiter One Size Visibility Yellow
One size Visibility Yellow/Black
GTIN: 601479840632
MPN: 563524

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Manufacturer’s Description

Profila Thermal fabric is engineered to trap body heat and wick moisture;Multiple ways to wear means you decide what needs the most protection from the elements;Fast-drying so you are ready for your next ride;Reversible for more color options to match your style;