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Giro Peloton Cycling Cap 2017: Black/Boxfish
GTIN: 768686024047

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Giro Peloton Cycling Cap 2017: Black/Charcoal
GTIN: 768686024054

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Manufacturer’s Description

Giro: A LIGHT, COOL AND COMFORTABLE CAP FOR WARMER, LONGER RIDES The Peloton™ Cap might be the most versatile accessory a rider can have on a warm day. It provides a bit of shade from the sun, a layer of insulation when it’s cool or windy, and it wicks sweat when the heat rises, too. Designed to be worn under a helmet, it is thin enough to fit without bunching and light enough to practically disappear when you put it on CONSTRUCTION Anti-microbial jersey fabric Smart seams help alleviate pressure points when worn under a helmet Reflective brim detail Elastic rear panels