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Giro Bravo Junior Cycling Mitts: Pink/Black M
Giro Bravo Junior Cycling Mitts: Pink/Black M
GTIN: 768686595943

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Giro: A COMFORTABLE, DURABLE, EAST-TO-WEAR GLOVE FOR KIDS AGES 4 - 12 The Bravo™ Jr. mimics the fit, comfort and value of our adult gloves, with features designed for the youngest riders. The wide-opening uppers make it easy to put these on or take them off, and a simple Velcro® closure secures them. A durable AX Suede™ palm offers just enough padding to reduce impact without compromising grip. Great for use on road or trail rides. UPPER: Moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch, breathable mesh Highly absorbent microfibre wiping surface Wide opening with simple Velcro® closure PALM: Super Fit™ Engineered with threepanel design AX Suede™ synthetic leather PADDING: Optimised padding enhances comfort